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C R I S I S   C O M M U N I C A T I O N S

A company’s credibility and reputation depend on how they are perceived by both their external and internal audiences. A crisis is any situation that threatens a corporate or person’s image – most often brought to the public’s attention by adverse media coverage. With increasing scrutiny of corporate ethics, firms must have a strategic, flexible, proactive and rehearsed crisis plan in the event of a damaging situation. Failure to act immediately when negative news hits can have irreparable financial, ethical and public relations consequences.

We provide thoughtful and targeted communication tools that will optimize a company’s preparedness and control the information pipeline in a crisis. That means understanding sensitivities and challenges before they become a public issue and developing messages to prepare for a worst-case scenario. Media training and advance planning are two of the most important pre-emptive tools. They must take into account a thorough knowledge of the audiences who may be affected, crafting and disseminating messages for each audience in a timely way, and learning ways to control all attending repercussions – a constant challenge given that every crisis is highly volatile and constantly changing. From the background materials you provide to employees and the media, to selecting and training a designated spokesperson - every decision is crucial and can help or hinder your ability to mitigate long-term negative consequences.

Sessions include:

  • Senior trainer

  • Overview on understanding the media universe and the power of new media

  • Review/rehearse current or new crisis strategy

  • Research of potential scenarios and key client audiences

  • Message development with specifics designed for each audience

  • Role playing and mock media interactions, e.g. news conference, ambush and live on-camera interviews

  • Review/rehearsal of existing or development of new crisis plan

  • Video playback and critique of participants

  • Tools to build and enhance relationships with media, employees and other stakeholders


"Invaluable media and crisis training was key to our success in upholding our company's credibility." Michael A. Martino, President and CEO - Sonus Pharmaceuticals

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