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M E D I A   S K I L L S   T R A I N I N G

The goal of all Big Bite media training sessions is to help participants become more comfortable, engaging, and effective in any media situation. Interviews are not natural conversations and we provide customized tools to help craft and communicate compelling messages. Whatever the media outlet or interview situation, it’s more important than ever to be prepared with our 24/7 news cycle and the immediacy of social media. One of the most effective ways to become an engaging spokesperson is by practicing key messages while being videotaped. Our training session includes crafting key talking points, on-camera role playing and video playback with critique. 

Customized trainings include:

  • Senior trainer/seasoned former broadcast executive

  • Videographer 

  • Research background and media challenges of each participant

  • Create talking points that weave in real-world examples and compelling stories

  • Practice media scenarios tailored to each participant

  • Provide techniques to be an engaging communicator and control the interview, e.g., bridging back to key messages, avoiding traps, navigating difficult questions

  • Rehearse mock interviews using video playback

  • Give each participant video of their session and personalized written feedback

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